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This is the story of a girl....

just finding her way in a new world.

23 June 1980
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Sassy red head from Baton Rouge! Just a posting of pieces of my life, ponderings and thoughts... maybe a glimpse into my darker side =)

i have been on a twisty and winding journey recently... and you are welcome to come along for the ride.

i am a submissive female owned by two amazing Butches, i am a girl, i am a little, i am beautiful, i am loved. I AM LOVED!

i enjoy service, kink, kissing and being me. i am a lover of life in general. i am a beginning a love affair with boots. Who know where life will take me next.

Some of my posts will be about my development as a submissive and my journey in along my leather path, others will be about my life, and some will be nonsense.